My First App |Gamified Bookshelf

Background As my 21st birthday is approaching, I considered asking for an e-reader. I liked the convenience of having all of my reading in one place, and the ability to read PDF documents from it as I have trouble reading from a computer screen. However, although it is irrational, I would really miss having a … Continue reading My First App |Gamified Bookshelf

Design Domain I

Research & Ideas Theme Game: games, gaming and gamification Scenarios: role-playing, rule-breaking, improvising, quick prototyping New Perspectives: exploring things and places in new, imaginative and/or alternate ways Freedom: risk-taking and experimentation in materials, methods and processes   Although I am a bit uneasy about using art school projects to put in a portfolio for jobs, … Continue reading Design Domain I

Audio Visual

Research & Reference Robert Hodgin- Magnetosphere (iTunes Visualiser) The magnetosphere was originally a Processing sketch that visualised music. Apple later commissioned The Barbarian Group to port it to C++ to exist in iTunes. From observing the video, it looks as though there are two spheres (positive and negative) that are attracted to one another. … Continue reading Audio Visual