Augmented Sculpture

I started the project through research. I went through the links on the Augmented Sculpture Overview page. Many of the videos like ‘Box’ showed projection mapping to an incredibly high standard and utilised it a performance rather than a tech demo like most videos. This video inspired the experience I’d like to create. I’d like to mimic reality in my piece.

I then searched through YouTube to find any basic examples of projection mapping that would be a good starting point.

Many of these videos used a basic sculpture and focused more on the projection itself. I decided to take this approach as it would allow me to explore the effects I could create without getting bogged down with technical issues.

My design process started through a list of possible ideas in my sketchbook.


I was particularly interested in two possibilities, an exploration of reflection or a physics simulation. I chose to pursue the physics simulation to give me an excuse to finally learn Unity and C#.

The first week of the assignment was spent learning the basics of C# and unity. Funnily enough, the physics was easy as unity has default options but I struggled to code basic things like changing an object’s colour or having it react to inputs.


As I grew more comfortable with the software. I began to focus more on my design. I created an early prototype.


I decided my final idea would be to create physical 3D objects that I could project bouncy balls onto to give the illusion that the sculpture would interact with the projection.

I learned how to randomise the flow of bouncy balls and their colour to give a more realistic simulation.


I also changed my sculpture from what was a cube to half a cube. This was to give the appearance that the cubes were coming from the wall. It also made it easier to project on more sides of the sculpture.DSC07117EDIT.jpg

I could not find a way to play the unity project through VPT eliminating the possibility of interactivity. Instead, I screen-recorded the file and exported it as a .mov. I then imported this video into VPT.

I also made outlines for the sculpture that changed colour every time a ball bounced off it.

The adjustments to the sculpture and Unity program gave a cleaner result through the projector.

My design process can be seen below:

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