Graphic Narratives

  Research I created a shared Google Drive folder where our group can share any research or development work. Inside this, there is a post-WW1 timeline of events that are relevant to Central Station. Our plan is to make a nice comprehensive timeline, and then pick out the most interesting/ important parts. After a discussion … Continue reading Graphic Narratives

Mobile Sensors

Final Piece This project looks into the crossover between surveillance capitalism and sense data. As mobile devices become more advanced, their sense capabilities improve through higher quality cameras, location tracking etc. This, in turn, allows for more detailed data to be collected and therefore build a clearer image of consumer behaviour. This allows for … Continue reading Mobile Sensors

Hello World 2019-2020

Synaesthesia Book Synaesthesia is a phenomenon that occurs when "stimulation of one sensory modality automatically triggers a perception in a second modality, in the absence of any direct stimulation to this second modality". The most common form of synaesthesia is coloured-hearing when the sight of colour triggers a noise. The earliest documentation of this experience … Continue reading Hello World 2019-2020

Mixed Reality

Reality-Virtuality Continuum The virtuality continuum is a scale ranging from reality to completely virtual. Inbetween Real and Virtual lie augmented reality, where virtual augments the real and augmented virtuality where real augments the virtual. Escaping Into Virtuality The belief that VR will have an influx of refugees. With frustration with the political landscape, people are … Continue reading Mixed Reality